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Ab Fab Movie Beyond Saunders' 'Wildest Dreams'

By Richard Suchet, Sky News reporter

Comedian Jennifer Saunders has described an Absolutely Fabulous movie premiere in London's Leicester Square as being beyond her "wildest dreams".

Saunders, who reprises the role of Eddy in Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie, was joined on the gold carpet by her great friend Joanna Lumley, who returns as Patsy.

Asked by Sky News whether she could have envisaged such an occasion when the sitcom first hit TV screens, she said: “Not in my wildest dreams. I imagined we would probably have both retired by now. It’s wonderful.”

Lumley added: “Particularly in these rather dark times, to suddenly be able to escape into this Absolutely Fabulous world of glamour and ridiculous things, and funny[ness], and jeopardy, and danger, and bad behaviour, is all rather good.”

They were joined by other favourites from the show including Julia Sawalha, June Whitfield and Jane Horrocks.

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Absolutely Fabulous Stars Jennifer Saunders And Joanna Lumley Speak At Film Premiere


Sawalha, who plays Eddie’s daughter Saffy, admitted to being apprehensive about joining the cast of the film.

“There are always doubts and I think that’s healthy. I didn’t know if I wanted to reprise Saffy again because when you play a character for so long you think you want to move on,” she said.

“But I love Jennifer so much and when we come together to do a workshop and you laugh all day, you think ‘why would I want to do anything else?'”

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie sees best friends Eddy and Patsy embroiled in a PR nightmare after accidentally “killing off Kate Moss”.

An incident at a fashion party attended by famous faces, including Jon Hamm and Stella McCartney, sees them push the supermodel into the River Thames.

The pair are forced to flee to the French Riviera to escape the media storm.

The film features around 60 cameos, including Pitch Perfect’s Rebel Wilson, Spice Girl Emma Bunton, fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier and, Kate Moss.

Saunders wrote the film after a bet with close friend Dawn French, who said she would never do it.

The original TV series ran from 1992 to 1995 but Saunders insists that the movie adaptation will be relevant to a younger audience.

“They will definitely get it because it’s about them,” she says. “It’s about them and the age they are now. It’s not stuck in the 90s.”

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie opens on Friday, darling.

FTSE 100 Recovers From EU Exit Vote Losses

The FTSE 100 has fought back to recover all the ground lost since shares were hammered by last week's shock Brexit vote.

A two-day rally saw London’s leading stock index close at 6360, above the 6338 level where it finished on Thursday.

Britain’s vote to leave the EU had propelled the FTSE 100 into a downward spiral wiping more than £90bn off the value of its constituent companies over the course of Friday and Monday.

But investors cast aside the jitters that inspired the sell off to return the index to its previous position by the close on Wednesday with an increase of 220 points or 3.6%, following a near-160 point or 2.6% rise on Tuesday.

London’s FTSE 250 Index – more representative of British business than the globally-focused FTSE 100 – was up 3.2%.

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Dixons Carphone Store


The pound also rose, lifting by a cent against the US dollar to $1.34 after the vote had seen it sink to a 31-year low against the US currency. It was also higher against the euro at around €1.21.

Oil climbed too, with Brent crude touching $50 a barrel, while European stock markets saw strong performances and Wall Street’s S&P 500 rose 1.6%.

On the FTSE 100, miners and house builders led the risers while trave operator TUI was the biggest loser following the terror attack in Turkey that left dozens dead at Istanbul’s main airport.

UK stocks have continued to bounce despite a string of warnings in recent days from companies on short and long-term risks from the referendum.

Pub firm Greene King was the latest to warn on the potential for a drop in consumer confidence as it reported a 52% increase in annual pre-tax profits to £256.5m.

Stagecoach, the train and bus operator, echoed that sentiment – also blaming uncertainty for its caution. 

Electrical to mobile phone retail giant Dixons Carphone struck a different tone, saying it would “find opportunities for additional growth” despite the volatility caused by an exit vote, adding that weaker rivals might fall away.

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Market experts have said the bounce in stock values is likely to be shaky and potentially short-lived because of the lack of clarity on the UK’s future – both politically and economically.

:: Cameron Faces EU Leaders After Leave Vote

Joe Rundle, head of trading at ETX Capital, said: “Stocks and the pound are continuing to firm but the post-Brexit reality will bite sooner or later.

“What we’re seeing in the FTSE is hope in Britain being able to ride it out by remaining part of the single market. This looks like wishful thinking.”

Michael Hewson, chief market analyst at CMC Markets, said: “With no likelihood of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty getting triggered any time soon it seems that the status quo isn’t likely to change in the short term.

“Whilst that doesn’t remove the uncertainty with respect to the eventual outcome it also means that markets are going to have plenty of time to settle into their new found reality and equilibrium.”

Sturgeon Dealt Blow Over Scottish EU Membership

Scotland's First Minister has vowed to press on with attempts to ensure Scotland stays in the EU after its leaders said membership was a UK matter, not one for the bloc.

Nicola Sturgeon said she did not underestimate the challenge ahead after the EU President, Spain’s Prime Minister and France’s President dealt a blow to her plans to negotiate continued membership.

After a long day of meeting EU leaders, she said: “I don’t think its particularly surprising … to hear starting positions from a country like Spain. Nothing I’ve heard today has surprised me.

“I would say that we are at an early stage in this process. The substance of what I have read from the acting prime minister of Spain (that) this is a UK, as a member state, negotiation with the EU – I absolutely respect that.

“As I’ve said, what I’m seeking to do … once the UK’s negotiation with the EU gets underway… (is to make sure) all the options are considered and Scotland’s interests are represented.

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“For me, as First Minister, part of that process is to make sure that Scotland’s voice is heard within the UK process. I don’t underestimate the challenge we face.”

Before that meeting EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker had said that Scotland had “won a right to be heard” in Brussels.

But he appeared to scotch Scottish hopes of negotiating a separate deal to stay in Europe, when he said neither he nor European Council president Donald Tusk would interfere in internal British politics.

He said: “I will listen carefully to what the First Minister will tell me, but we don’t have the intention – neither Donald nor myself – to interfere in the British process. That is not our duty and not our job.”

Meanwhile Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy told reporters in Brussels: “If the United Kingdom leaves, so does Scotland.”

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David Cameron attends final EU summit in Brussels


He added: “The Spanish government… is against negotiating with anyone other than the government of the United Kingdom, and the rest are internal problems between the UK and the others (the countries that are part of the UK).

“I’m radically against it, the treaties are radically against it, and I’m sure everybody is against this.

“Therefore, if the United Kingdom leaves, during the negotiation or whenever it leaves, Scotland also leaves the EU institutions.”

That point of view was echoed by French president Francois Hollande, who said: “The negotiations will be conducted with the United Kingdom, not with a part of the United Kingdom.”

Sky’s Robert Nisbet says that the stance of many EU countries is being shaped by their fears that some other countries could split if it appears to approve of Scotland’s independence.

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Q Sturgeon Brussels


Spain is facing a threat to break away by the region of Catalonia.

MSPs have given Ms Sturgeon a “mandate” to hold discussions with EU institutions, as well as the UK Government and other devolved nations.

She has said that “everything must be on the table to protect Scotland’s place in Europe” after the vote in which the UK chose to leave the EU, but a majority of Scots voted to stay.

Earlier, the European Union was told to “Wake up and smell the coffee” after Britain voted to leave the bloc.

The President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite told reporters as she arrived for the EU summit on Wednesday morning: “Of course this morning we all need to wake up and smell the coffee, and the coffee will be discussions on our future.”

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EU Leaders Meet Without Cameron


David Cameron warned fellow EU leaders over dinner on Tuesday that immigration was a key factor behind last week’s Brexit vote.

But after chairing the informal session of the 27 national leaders, meeting without the UK for the first time, Mr Tusk and Mr Juncker stressed they would not give ground on free movement.

On a more positive note, French President Francois Hollande said it would make “no sense” to scrap France’s bilateral border agreement with the UK after Brexit.

In addition, he said defence and energy agreements with Britain such as the Hinkley Point nuclear power project in southern England would remain in place.

Istanbul Airport Blasts: At Least 41 Killed

At least 41 people have been killed after three suicide bombers opened fire before blowing themselves up at Istanbul's main airport.

Officials said the number of dead is likely to rise to 50, while Turkey’s prime minister said Islamic State militants appeared to have carried out the attack, which left around 239 people injured.

Witnesses said one attacker opened fire in the departures hall with an automatic rifle, sending passengers diving for cover, before all three blew themselves up in or around the arrivals hall a floor below.

Dead bodies could be seen scattered in the road just outside the terminal building, while video emerged showing a police officer shooting one of the attackers, then fleeing moments before they detonated their suicide vests. 

Foreign Office officials said they were “urgently seeking further information” after Turkey said the majority of those killed were Turkish, but 13 foreigners were also among the victims – three of whom were dual nationals.

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Sky's Alex Rossi At Istanbul Airport


Five Saudis, two Iraqis, an Iranian, Jordanian, Tunisian, Ukrainian, Chinese and a Uzbekistan citizen were confirmed to be among the dead as the airport reopened on Wednesday, which was declared a day of national mourning.

It is understood the death toll does not includes the suicide bombers.

Speaking in Brussels, David Cameron described the attack as “hideous”.

The attack at Istanbul Ataturk – Europe’s third busiest airport – is one of the deadliest in a series of suicide bombings in Turkey, which has struggled to contain the conflict in neighbouring Syria and an insurgency by Kurdish militants.

Paul Roos, 77, described seeing one of the attackers “randomly shooting” in the departures hall.

Mr Roos, a South African returning to Cape Town with his wife after a holiday in southern Turkey, said: “He was just firing at anyone coming in front of him.

“He was wearing all black. His face was not masked. I was 50 metres away from him.

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“We ducked behind a counter but I stood up and watched him.

“Two explosions went off shortly after one another. By that time he had stopped shooting.”

A woman named Duygu, who was at passport control having just arrived from Germany, said she threw herself onto the floor with the sound of the explosion.

Several witnesses also reported hearing gunfire shortly before the attacks.

“Everyone started running away. Everywhere was covered with blood and body parts. I saw bullet holes on the doors,” she said outside the airport.

Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan said the attack should serve as a turning point in the global fight against militant groups.

He said: “The attack, which took place during the holy month of Ramadan, shows that terrorism strikes with no regard for faith and values.

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Damage at Istanbul's Ataturk airport after explosions


“The bombs that exploded in Istanbul today could have gone off at any airport in any city around the world.”

Scheduled flights from the airport were temporarily stopped in the immediate aftermath of the attack and passengers were taken to hotels, Turkish Airlines said, while some flights to the airport were diverted.

British Airways passengers on flight BA680 from London Heathrow to Ataturk were returned to the UK in the wake of the blasts.

The flight had been due to land at around 11.40pm (9.40pm UK time), shortly after the explosions.

According to the Dogan news agency, a plane carrying Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama was landing at the airport when the attack happened. He and his entourage were taken to an official residence.

Turkey has suffered a spate of bombings this year, including two suicide attacks in tourist areas of Istanbul blamed on Islamic State, and two car bombings in the capital, Ankara, which were claimed by a Kurdish militant group.

In the most recent attack, a car bomb ripped through a police bus in central Istanbul during the morning rush hour, killing 11 people and wounding 36 near the main tourist district, a major university and the mayor’s office.

Resep Air Detox Lezat Untuk Ratakan Perut Dalam Hitungan Hari

Salah satu problem yang dihadapi banyak orang karena gaya hidup yang tak sehat adalah menumpuknya lemak di bagian perut. Perut yang buncit jelas akan membuat siapa saja merasa tak percaya diri dengan penampilan mereka. Terlebih lagi lemak yang menumpuk dalam tubuh tak baik dan bisa menyebabkan penyakit lain. Nah, bagi kamu yang ingin mengatasi masalah ini bisa mencoba mengonsumsi detox water ini Ladies.

Dilansir oleh, minum air merupakan cara terbaik untuk mengeluarkan racun dari dalam tubuh. Nah, dengan minum delapan gelas air per hari kamu akan bisa melunturkan lemak dan juga miliki kulit yang sehat dan bersinar. Air detox dipercaya akan mempercepat proses penurunan berat badan kamu dengan lebih efektif Ladies. Kali ini Vemale punya satu resep spesialnya untukmu.


  • 1 liter air
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